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SUN ACE is a people orientated company internationally, and it is no different here in South Africa. We are continually involved in various projects and believe in helping others to help themselves for a better tomorrow.



We are excited to share with you our latest sponsorship project, a #MyWalkMadeWithSoul initiative.

For so many children in rural or poorer areas school shoes are a luxury they can’t afford. Not wearing shoes can be a health risk leading to infectious cuts or negative emotions such as embarrassment, shame, and low-self-esteem. With this in mind, our Joburg Sun Ace staff were asked to identify a local school that could benefit, and MADIBATLOU MIDDLE SCHOOL in Olifantsfontein was chosen. Alistair Calder (our Sun Ace Group Business Development Director) and Jabulani Khumalo (Our driver) are photographed, handing over shoes to students at the school. We also received a wonderful letter from the school principal, Mr Molokomme who mentions how the donation has also put smiles on the faces of 222 pupils.

My Walk Made with Soul, is a joint Netcare Hospitals and Adcock Ingram Critical Care initiative, whereby non-hazardous, uncontaminated single-use PVC materials are recycled into shiny new, durable school shoes. 

This pioneering project has a 3-fold benefit:

  • It tackles environmental concerns by reducing healthcare waste to landfills and the associated, harmful greenhouse gasses.

  • It unlocks economic growth by driving new skills development and creating job   opportunities.

  • It solves a real social need of providing less fortunate school goers with quality footwear, that has both physical and psychological benefits. 

All these align with Sun Ace’s values; commitment to the environment, growing local business and caring about our community. 


To read more about the project visit the website page: Netcare News


SUN ACE is presently involved in the mentoring and development of a local business, Gift's green Land, owned by entrepreneur and businessman Gift Ramakgofu.
The Business offers both Garden Services as well as Home Maintenance, for private individuals and corporate office parks.

Gifts Greenland
Terries Transfers

SUN ACE has been involved in the mentoring and development of a local business, Terries Transfers, owned by entrepreneur and businessman Terrence Ndaba. The Business offers a safe and reliable taxi services to business people travelling from OR Tambo, Johannesburg international airport and surrounding areas.


One of Sun Ace’s on going social responsibility programs is with Maandamahulu Primary School, in a rural Venda community, located 550kms from Johannesburg. At present, the school has 10 teachers and 450 pupils of which over 40% are orphans. When Sun Ace first came into contact with the school they found it lacking in many aspects. Class density was not conducive to quality of education and educators in the area were relocating to the city for higher pay. Government funding seemed to get lost en-route to such rural communities and certain key resources were non-existent. Together with a team consisting of the Headmistress Mrs Nellie Magidi, the school governing body and various contributors, Sun Ace rolled up their sleeves and got busy. Since their involvement over the last couple of years, Maandamahulu School now boasts

• A soup Kitchen with gas fired cookers and a government funded feeding program five days a week.

• A computer classroom, equipped with 16 new stand alone personal computer work stations, Microsoft Office packages, a printer and network conectivity, all from varios donars*.

• Computer classes with the best computer education in the Limpopo Province.

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