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31 OCTOBER 2017

SUN ACE Group meeting down under in Australia

20 OCTOBER 2017

New Warehouse in Johannesburg, Jet Park
Tanya Scheepers

Tanya joined us in 2012 and celebrates 5 years with as Sales Administrator


SUN ACE, Sponsors at this years PIPES XI conference 2017 and Terence talks on the challenges of PVC in Sub Sahara Africa

Sun Ace South Africa - Managing Director, Terence Hobson gave a talk at the PIPES XI Conference on the challenges facing the PVC Pipe industry in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA).  PVC Pipe has many benefits that are not fully understood by engineers and local authorities. Some of these being it’s light weight, easy to install, has superior friction values & flow characteristics  over other pipe materials and does not corrode. The manufacturing challenges in SSA are, lack of adequate & reliable resources, skills shortage and poor continuity & quality of electrical supply. Of greater concern is the lack of test facilities and compliance from the countries authorities. This leads to manufacturers releasing sub-stand products introduced in the market, which results in premature failure and PVC pipes being deselected as a pipe of choice. Ultimately the industry suffers.
There are however, some areas of excellence in that South Africa pioneered MPVC and some manufacturers are starting to move off lead stabilisers to Calcium Organic stabilisers. This move will enhance the reputation of PVC pipes as a material of choice.

Letter from Delanie

7 JUNE 2017

SUN ACE, Gold Sponsors at this years Vinyl SA  conference 2017 in Johannesburg

The SUN ACE South Africa team at this years Vinyl SA 2017, the 2nd International Conference specifically for the South African PVC Industry. The event is hosted by SAVA, the representative body of Southern African. We are proud and honoured to be one of the Gold sponsors at this years event.

SUN ACE Australia Managing Director Ian Lilja, (who also serves on the Vinyl Council of Australia)) will be giving an update on the VCA Product Stewardship Programme.

26 APRIL 2017

SUN ACE, Silver Sponsors at PVC 2017, Brighton England

The Sun Ace Team at this years PVC 2017 conference in Brighton UK, from left to right:
Ryo Sasaki, Ian Lilja, Alistair Calder, Shigetaka Seki, Terence Hobson.
Photo credits thanks to MLR PHOTO

7 JUNE 2017

SUN ACE South Africa achieve ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007

Sun Ace South Africa are proud to announce our achievement of ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 in March 2017. As a company that was already ISO 9001 certified, we felt it necessary to include the two certifications to drive our business forward. Sun Ace believes it is imperative that we protect our people and stakeholders in all we do, plus taking care of our environment. The Sun Ace team’s hard work was well supported by our consultant Jacques Goldie of Greenplus Solutions. The certification for Sun Ace South Africa is only the final acknowledgement of hard work dedication and very visible improvements into the way we work today. The hard work continues as we integrate or SHEQ systems and work towards the new ISO 2015 requirements.

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